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Broad range of services to help organizations achieve their vision and optimize performance in energy transition process

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Wind Turbines


We provide our clients with various power system study services in the field of power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. Experts’ extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, hands-on applications and complex problem-solving approach guarantees fruitful outcome. The proposed studies are prerequisites for power system operational improvement, infrastructure development, rehabilitation and modernization. Areas of services include but are not limited to: transmission and distribution network analyses, short circuit studies, power flow studies, voltage profile studies, system modeling, steady state and dynamics analysis, power quality study and assessment, etc.

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Our Power system engineering team has a wealth of practical and theoretical experience in power system development. This service supports customers by providing broader and innovative solutions in infrastructural expansion and power system development studies. This kind of studies are performed to increase reliability and flexibility of power system, reduce outages and partial or full blackouts while maintaining suitable operating conditions. For better results of quantitative studies, we offer clients to involve their technical team while defining the necessary inputs and development scenarios of the system. Study deliverables include analytical results of quasi-dynamic simulations for targeted development periods.

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Parvus Consulting provides comprehensive studies for integration of renewable energy sources (wind and solar) into the electrical network for both small and large scale RE plants. We identify the most optimal areas for RES implementation, investigate energy yield based on diversified historical meteorological data and provide extensive financial models concerning the project investment needs. Our innovative approaches coupled with expertise in the power system behavior allow customers to be exposed to distinct quantitative and qualitative results that help them to fully analyze complex approach of RES integration process.

Farm Fields


Parvus Consulting offers a high-class survey and comprehensive review of the most recently developed approaches on how to determine the optimal type of power plant, technologies, their scales, and precise connecting location while minimizing the total cost over a long planning horizon of power system. In-depth investigation carried out by our consultants covers interdependency of socio-economic, environmental, technical and operational aspects. Generation expansion plans are based on using two general modules - Relevant generation mix and feasible investment needs thus considers detailed quasi-dynamic analysis for the planning horizon.

Wind Mills


Power system modeling is a perquisite and integral part of maintaining stable and reliable power grid over a period of time. Our experts have abundant knowledge in computer-based multi domain modelling and simulation of power system and its components that is in full compliance with countries’ grid codes. We also provide our clients with model validation and verification services. Our team develops a high-precision models in various top power system simulation software. This service typically covers: building network from scratch, creation of static and dynamic models of system components, load flow simulations, fault simulations, frequency domain simulations, power quality studies, etc.



FACTS and HVDC systems are innovative technologies, their control algorithms offer major advantages in meeting todays power system requirements of maintaining stable, resilient, flexible, and reliable grid and prevent cascading outages as well system blackouts. Parvus Consulting offers clients numerous services in support of smart integration of HVDC and FACTS devices into electrical grid for variety of applications covering innovative control of voltage, frequency and power flow in complex networks. Our team has a broader experience in HVDC and FACTS technologies and proposed engineering services cover all major project stages.



Advisory services that Parvus Consulting has to offer to clients cover high level energy market analysis. Our company associates specialists in the strategy and operation on electricity network. Outstanding analytical tools and in depth-knowledge of energy markets give us an advantage to effectively assist energy investors, energy providers, policy-makers, governments, market operators and energy consumers on assessing market opportunities and regulatory approaches. We analyze the implications of local power market legislation, trading mechanism, electricity tariffs and ancillary services. Parvus Consulting provides clients with up-to-date insight into power market functions and possible trading opportunities.

Solar Panels


Parvus Consulting provides consultancy services to power generation developers to respond the complex challenges of integrating conventional and non-conventional (renewables) generation units to the main electric grid. Our core deliverables are to provide clients with techno-economical and regulatory assessments from initial feasibility study to final compliance testing procedure. Services include but are not limited to: identification and assessment of grid connection node and location, assessment of optimum electricity generation according to allocated free capacities, preparation of supporting documentations, site location and layout plan, SLDs of connection options, introduction and in-depth explanation of technical requirements, etc.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains


In respond to increased number of renewables in the power grid, energy storage system facilities and their integration plans gain significant importance. With the help of our industrial expertise and accurate simulation as well financial models Parvus Consulting provides clients with energy storage solutions to industrial, commercial and municipal clients. Our fundamental values are to support clients on development of various energy storage technology. Feasibility studies, grid services, integration of storage facilities with renewables or conventional power units to boost and improve their participation in various system services.



Nowadays transmission system is subject to major changes due to vitality for maintaining flexible and reliable complex power grid. Parvus Consulting offers extensive expertise in the transmission and distribution sector. Our keen understanding in power systems that is based on many years of local and international experiences and holistic approach gives us an advantage to support clients in selecting advanced smart technologies for energy transmission and transformation. Services cover: selection of technologies, surveying, routing and calculation, system analysis, assessment of power losses, assessment of control algorithms, technical, environmental and financial analysis, project management, conceptual design and layout, operation and maintenance advisory services.

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